“From The Yellow Wallpaper” - Another Magazine Spring/Summer 2012

Paris, ma ville chérie, je t’aime…mais parfois j’aimerais avoir un supermarché ouvert 24h/24, parce que là ça fait des heures que j’ai une furieuse envie de quatre-quarts.


Claudia Cardinale photo © Chiara Samugheo

Malgosia Bela in “Testa Rossa” by Venetia Scott for W Magazine, August 2014
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lmao I’m so desperate to get him back that I’m THIS close to uploading a cleavage profile pic on Skype (edit: I mean it’s the kind of pic with no face, just boobs in a bikini top)

ok I won’t do this because: a) I don’t think he’ll fall for it and, b) it looks really desperate

it’s a shame, my boobs look great tbh and I know he loves them



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1977 bride